Catholicate College

Re-accredited by NAAC with B++ Grade,
FIST Identified College,
An ISO : 9001-2008 certified Institution

(Under the Corporate Management of Malankara Orthodox Church),
Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University,Kottayam,Kerala


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The departmemnt was started in 1955 and PG course in 1986.The dept was approved as a Research centre of MG University on 2010.The Dept has published 28  research papers in international and national  journals.The department has been identified by the UGC for PG Grant. 

The 3rd All Kerala Mathematics talent search 2007 was held on 25 th October 2007.Forty teams from various schools participated in the quiz contest conducted by Prof.P.J.Joy K.E.Collge Mannanam. Prof.Reny .P.Varughese was the Coordinator The Winners were 1. Marthoma Higher secondary school ,Pathanamthitta 2. Good Shepherd Public school, Changanacherry

International seminar
A two day International seminar on Algebra and Topology was conducted Dr.George R.Thomas Canada, Dr.G.Indulal. St.Alosius College Edathua,Dr.Vinodkumar Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology was the resource person. Dr.D.susha was the co-ordinator
Regional seminar
Department of Mathematics conducted a regional seminar on fuzzy mathematics and its application on computer science on 9th Nov.2010 M.G.University PVC Inaugurated the semianr. Dr.Sunny Kuriakose,Principal BPC College Piravom, Dr.MS Samuel Director Dept of computer science MACFAST,Thiruvalla were the chief resource persons.
Orientation Programme
The Dept conducted orientation programmes for M.Sc and B.Sc degree classes. Fr.V.M.James was the resource person. Prof.Alexander V.George was the convenor of the programme
Research projects
1. 'The Categorical Approach in Uniform Spaces and its Application'.
Principal investigator-Dr. D.Susha
Extension proramme
The department conducts every year a Quiz programme for the students of Higher Secondary School in District.
Papers Published in the International journals
Dr.Susha and Dr.Dais George(Statistics) have published 28 research papers in refereed international  journals
Members in Academic bodies
Members in M.G.University Senate
Prof.Raju Varughese
Prof. Reny P Varghese
Board of Studies (M.G.University)
Prof.Reny.P.Varughese (UG)
Research guide :

Papers Published Faculty members in international/ national journals

Dr. Susha D

1.         “Some properties of fuzzy nearly para compact spares, Catholicate Journal of Studies and Research Vol. 1, January 2011.

2.         “E- products of Backing Business in India , journal of Cosmos, 11,2 July 2010.

3.         “According for lean success” ,  journal  of Research lines, Vol 4, No.1, Jan.2010

Papers published in the International seminar proceedings

2.         ‘Some properties of fuzzy top logical groups in the proceedings of National seminar conducted by Dept of Maths, Catholicate College jointly with KMA on 8th & 9th December.2011

  • ‘On nearly compact, nearly paracompact and almost paracompact  ( Proceedings of the international Seminar conducted  by Bharata Matha College Jan. 31, Feb 1-2, 2011.
  • Papers presented in National seminars
  • 1.         ‘Factors affecting the green purchasing behavior of customers of Automobile industry in Kerala- in application of multiple discriminate analysis in the  proceedings of National seminar conducted by K.G.College  parepaly on 10th & 11th January 2011.

Minor Project

1.         UGC has sanctioned a minor project for two years (2011-13) on the topic “Application of Mathematics in industry to  sole real life problems’ for an account of Rs. 149000/-

 Principal Investigator- Dr. D. Susha

Seminar attended

1.         Attended a two day workshop on Research Methodology on 10th & 11th March 2011 organized  by the promotion  council of MOC Colleges held at K.G.College, Pampady

2.         Attended a two day curriculum workshop of UG Mathematics programmed conducted by M. G, University held at C.M.G College from 28th to 29th July 2011.

3.         Participated in a short term course for Research guides in science organized by UGC-ASC, TVM from 17-10-2011 to 21-10-2011

4.         Attended and UGC National Workshop on Applications of Statistical techniques in research conducted by Dept of Commerce, K. G. College, Pampady on 10th and 11th January  2011.

5.         Attended UGC National Seminar on ‘Discrete Mathematics and Computational Statics’ conducted by Dept. of Mathematics B.K.College Amalagiri jointly   with KMA on 23-24 June 2011.

6.         Attended a UGC National workshop on Data Analysis in Social science Research conducted by Dept of Commerce Catholicate College, PTA on 1st and 2nd July 2011.

7.         Attended a National Seminar on ‘Research Trends in Discrete Mathematics and  its Applications’ conducted by Dept of Maths St. Thomas College, Kozhenchery jointly with KMA on August 11-13, 2011

Dr. Dais George

 Major Project

UGC sponosred  Major project on "Generalised applications of Esscher transformed Laplace distributions" The amount sanctioned Rs.11,78000/-

 Principal Investigator-  Dr. Dais George

Papers published in international journals

  1. Application of Esscher Transformed Laplace Distribution in web server data, journal of Digital Information Management, 9 (1), 19-26, (2011).
  2. Trajectory clustering of network constrained moving objects and applications to web usage mining, ACUMEN (Journal of Computer Science), 5 (2), 87-103, (2011)
  3. Esscher Transformed Laplace Distributions and its applications, journal of Probability and Statistical Sciences, (accepted), (2011).
  4. Marshall-Olkin Esscher transformed Laplace distribution and processes, Brazelian Journal of Probability and Statistics (accepted), (2011)
  5. Reliability estimation in stress strength models using Hill and Harmonic Moment Estimators Harmonic Moment Estimator, STARS. Int’l  journal (accepted), (2011)
  6. Application of Generalized Confidence Interval in the study of web Performance, International Journal of Web Applications, 3 (2), 138-151 (2011).

Papers presented in International Seminars

  1. WEBTRACLUS- a spatio temporal clustering tool for personalization and mining of health care web portals, (Proceedings of 4th ACM international Conference PETRA-2011 held at Greece May 25-27, 2011).
  2. Generalized confidence interval for R= P (X>Y) of Pareto distribution and its application in Web performance, (Proceedings of the 4th IEEE international Conference on Digital Information Management held in USA, 12-14 August 2011).
  3. Reliability estimation in heavy tailed distributions using a robust estimator (Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Quality and Reliability held at Banghok, Thailand, 14-16 September 2011).
  4. Paper entitled “Reliability estimation in heavy tailed distributions using a robust estimator” ( IEEE International Conference on Quality and Reliability held at Banghok, Thailand, 14-16 September 2011)
  5. Paper entitled  “Generalized Confidence Interval for R = P (X>Y) of  Pareto distribution and its application in Web performance” (Proce. International Conference (ICMS 2011), held at St. Thomas College Pala, 3-5 Jan, 2011)
  6. Paper entitled estimation in stress strength models using Hill and Harmonic Moment Estimators” (Proce. International Conference on Actuarial Statistics, Bio-Statistics and Stochastic Modeling (INCABS 11) held in the department of Statistical Sciences, Kannur University, 12-14 Jan.2011)

Papers presented in National Seminars

  1. Paper entitled “Marshall-Olkin Esscher transformed Laplace processes” presented in the National Conference on Statistics for Twenty first Century (NTSTC) held in the department of Statistics, University of Kerala, 17-19March 2011.
  2. Paper entitled “Web characteristics related to time dimension” presented in the National Conference on Computing and Communication held at School of Computer Science, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam on 26th and 27th May 2011.
  3. Web characteristics related to time dimension, ( Proceedings of the National Conference on Computing and Communication held at School of Computer Science, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam on 26th and 27th May 2011

Dr. Beena Koshy

Paper Published in International Journal

1.         Beena Koshy & Germana K.A New Perspectives on CDPU graphs General Mathematics Notes, Vol 4, No.1 2011

Paper Published in proceedings International seminar

1.         Beena Kozhy, Germina K.A & Rajeev Rajan, complementary distance pattern uniform sets & tree data structures of computer science, (Proc Inter National symposium on Mathematics Methods and Applications, IIT Madras 22 Dec. 2011

2.         A survey on CDPU graphs, (Proce. International workshop on set valuations signed graphs and geometry September 2-6, 2011)

Papers Presented in National seminars

1.         Beena koshy Germina K.A & Rajeev Rajan Application of complementary distance pattern uniform sets in data structures proc. 24th Kerala science congress Rubber Research Institute of India, Kottayam 29-31 Jan 2012.

2.         Application of complementary distance pattern  uniform sets in data structures, 24th Kerala science congress Rubber research Institute of India Kottayam.




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